what IS knitting FABRIC?

Knitting is one of the most common fabric manufacturing ways. Knitted fabrics are obtained by stitching of the loops that are consist of yarns. That course is generally called interloping. Loops are the forms that at least two yarns create like a hook shape. As we have mentioned above, many needles in the knitting machine form loops of yarn in this manner we can produce knitting fabric. These fabrics are comparatively more elastic, porous, and common for daily use. They are more comfortable, flexible, and resisted to wrinkling. T-shirts, tracksuits, many kinds of women garments, underwear, socks, and sweater fabrics are made by way of knitting fabric. Knitted fabrics are generally produced at less cost.

Knit fabrics are divided into 2 common categorizations of in terms of knitting direction. Warp and Weft are two ways of knitting for knit fabrics. There are variety of fabrics which are made by both warp and weft knits. As you might probably know, they are two types of knitting fabric machines which are flat and circular ones and both of them are suitable for two knits way.

Knitted Fabric Types

Jersey, Single Jersey Flat Fabric

Polyester raised knitted fabricJersey is a stitched plain weave method. There are visible vertical lines on the front side and dominant horizontal ribs on the back of the jersey and flat fabrics. So the front side and backside have two different views. Jersey fabrics are preferred because it is inexpensive, fast and easy to varied to fancy patterns fabric. One of the biggest disadvantages of the jersey fabrics is that if the yarn is broke they tend to ‘run’. Jersey fabrics are used for t-shirt, men’s underwear, socks as well as fancy, terry and velour fabrics.

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Fleece Fabric

Fleece fabric is a different type of jersey. Fleece is one of the oldest knitted fabric designs which still command huge popularity in today’s modern fashion world. It has the unique characteristics of being warm cozy. There are several fleece fabrics such as one thread fleece, two thread fleece and three thread fleece fabrics. They are made of Cotton, Cotton/Polyester, Wool, and Acrylic materials. Jackets, dresses, sportswear, sweaters, and hoodies are made by using fleece fabrics.


Navy Blue Jacquard Interlock Knitted FabricThe interlock fabric is a type of double-knit fabric, obtained only by double plate circular knitting machines, by placing the cylinder and cap needles upright and mutually together. Even if we stretch the interlock fabrics in the transverse direction, only right loops are visible on both sides. Underwear has a wide range of use in summer-winter and especially sporty, medical tops.

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Rib Stitch Knit Fabric

Ribbed circular knitted fabrics are double-folded fabric types obtained in double plate circular knitting machines by placing the cylinder and cap needles crosswise. The biggest feature that expresses ribbed fabrics is that when the fabric is opened in the width direction, plain (R) and reverse (L) loops appear alternately depending on the knitting report on both sides. The structure of the fabric consists of straight and reverse loops alternating in sequence.

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Jacquard Interlock Fabric

Interlock jacquard machines have a wide range of patterns according to their features. Basically, it does not differ much from the rib jacquard system. Electronic jacquard machines have recently been in the textile market, usually as rib-interlock jacquard machines. The production of interlock jacquard weaves has similar characteristics with the production of ribbed jacquard weaves. While the pattern is formed on the front surface of the fabric, the colored yarns used on the back are mixed.

Jacquard Jersey Fabric

Black and silvery knitted faric in Kamer Fabric Jacquard weaves are jacquard fabrics that are produced in single plate circular knitting machines with a jacquard system using multiple colors or by using a combination of sling and jump movements in one color. The most important difference that distinguishes these weaves from other weaves is the high capacity of patterning by selecting the needles separately in the jacquard system. The patterning capacity is proportional to the number of needles controlled by the jacquard system. Our pattern size is limited to 36 needles in the 36-needle capacity mini jacquard system.

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Ottoman Fabric

It is a type of fabric obtained in a circular knitting machine. Generally, it is seen that 24 Ne and 30 Ne yarn numbers are used in the structure of the ottoman. A nice view can be obtained with transverse lines on the surface of the Ottoman fabric. Fiber types used in the structure of Ottoman fabric; cotton, polyester, lycra, viscose, modal, etc. Ottoman knitted fabrics are mainly used in making t-shirts and sweat-shirts.

Crepe Fabric

Crepe polyester knitted fabrics in Kamer Fabric

As the answer to the question of what is the crepe; thin fabrics which are woven from cloth twisted silk yarn are called crepe. The crepes have a twisted appearance due to their twisted yarns. When the fabric yarn is removed, the released threads begin to twist. Crepe fabric is one of the most common fabrics used in modest clothes. Crepe fabric is resisting against wrinkle so it is demanded by ladies.

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Why Should I preffer knitting fabric?

Yarn features used in knitted fabrics are different from other methods and materials to obtain fabric as machine features. They show a more flexible, more elastic, softer, and fuller structure in terms of size stability in fabrics obtained in knitting compared to other textile surfaces.

Knitted fabrics are made easily with less cost. Also, features of the knit fabrics such as fast production, flexibility, and wrinkle resistance make the knit fabric more common. You have a chance to create new collection easily by combining different materials and knit ways. So there are many reasons to prefer knitted fabrics.

You have a wide range using areas for the knitted fabrics. We also as Kamer Fabric want to provide you exclusive, high quality, and unique fabrics for your collections.

Woven fabric is one of the most significant producing types of fabrics. It is also the most preferred type. Both woven fabrics and knitted fabrics are often used depending on usage aim. If you want to produce outwear or topcoat clothes you may choose a woven fabric. But, if you aim to obtain more stretchy garments, knitted fabrics would be a better option for you. Shortly, woven fabrics have also a wide range usage area depending on the production purpose.

You may order your own creations as well as from our unique designs. As Kamer Fabric, we have been manufacturing exclusive products for our clients. You may contact us for further information.