Woolen fabrics are healthy fabric types that can be used easily in any climate. Wool is a natural yarn obtained from sheep species. The best wool is made from short hair. Long hairs are used to make thick fabric.

There are various types of special wool. These species are goat hair alpaca, mohair, mohair, and cashmere. Special wools are very soft and expensive because they are produced in very small quantities. These wools are mixed with sheep’s wool to add shine and increase the curl of the fabric.

Woolen Fabric Properties

  • It can be used easily in all climates as it is in many weights and knits.
  • It keeps warm in winter and cools in summer because wool allows the body to breathe and is healthy.
  • It absorbs moisture better than other natural fibers.
  • It is fire-resistant.
  • It is relatively resistant to wrinkles.
  • It is suitable for tailoring as it can be easily shaped with steam.
  • If exposed to extreme heat, moisture, and pressure, it will become dull.
  • Sunlight, moth, bleach, and improper ironing can cause damage.
  • When Ironing Woolen Fabrics
  • When ironing woolen fabrics, use a damp ironing cloth to prevent shine and iron the garment from the inside out. Do not slide the iron over the fabric as this can deform and stretch the fabric.
Wool fabric in Kamer Fabric


Woolen Fabric Types


This fabric is the most luxurious of all wool made from a type of goat. Very thin and soft, comfortable to wear, warm cashmere fabric; Used for scarves, cardigans, sweaters, and coats.


It is a plained weave, wool challis, light, soft, and easy to use. Usually floral and paisley patterns are printed, folded well, and are often used in dresses.


Crepe is loosely woven, the knitted surface is fine and soft wool. Pancakes are flexible but soft types are easier to curl. It is mostly used in dresses and suits.


It is a solid or cross-woven durable fabric, can have fluff on one or both sides. It is mainly used in making suits, jackets, skirts, and trousers.


It uses various yarns and wool blends to make this fabric with dense and cross weaving. It is waterproof and is generally used on coats, skirts, and trousers.


Mohairis produced with yarns obtained from angora goat wool, which is a plain-woven fabric with its hairy structure. In general, mohair is mixed with wool and used for coats.


It is a tight and cross-woven fabric. With respect to the fabric patterns to match the pattern, the pattern must be placed carefully. Plaid fabric is often used to make dresses, coats, skirts, and Scottish skirts.


It is a thick knit fabric produced in a much more variety of colors and patterns than Traditional Tweed. It is mostly used in jackets and trousers.


This coarse and thick fabric has a unique knitting pattern. Its place of origin takes the name Tweed in Haris and is often used for teams.


Kinds of plain knitting fabric, luxurious fabric with wool. Fabric previously made from silk in Venice is now made from spun wool yarn and is mostly used in jackets.