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Yarn and Fiber Supplier


As Kamer Fabric we have different kinds of services for our customers. Even if we are not a manufacturer of yarn and fiber, we can obtain a wide range of yarns for your fabrics as well as garments. There are huge different yarn types depending on 3 sources; Animal Fiber Yarn, Organic Yarn, Plant Fiber Yarn. These three main yarns have many variations too. All of them are used by the textile sector for garments, health, and industry fields. As you know yarns consist of fibers.


Fiber, having tensile and tensile strength and twisting, are the colored or colorless, fiber groups that are capable of overlapping each other and are very long in length comparing to the width. It can be extracted from the animal, plant, and metallic sources. According to length there are two types; staple fiber and continuous fabric.

While Stapel fibers have almost 1 cm length, continuous fibers are more longer. Cotton and wool two basic stable fiber types. And silk is the most significant sample for continuous fiber. In addition the fiber length, brightness, fineness, strength, flexibility, thermal conductivity, moisture absorption, water absorption, mold, heat effect, and tendency to dye are also other parameters for fiber quality level.

We can obtain many different yarns with our partners. We can also supply mixed yarn obtained by different fibers for your garment collections.



Clothes or garments that are satisfying one of the basic needs of a human being. Fabrics are the raw material for the garment. While many fashion and style understanding for each region or country, fabrics have different wayS to produce. It is explained with 3 main categories as knitting, woven, and woven fabrics.

Knit Fabric

The knitting fabric surface is created by passing the threads through each other in a certain order with the help of needles. It is manufactured from substances such as cotton, wool, silk, linen, polyester, nylon, etc. Also, single jersey, two-ply fleece, three-ply fleece, interlock, rib, pique, and jacquard are the basic knitting way for knit fabrics.

Non-Woven Fabric

3rd way and type of fabrics are non-woven fabrics. It can be produced from staple and long fibers by chemical and mechanical treatment. Non woven is being used to indicate that the fabric is neither knitting nor woven fabric. There are wide range using areas for non-woven fabrics such as hospitals, automotive, and construction.

Woven Fabric

Weaving is one of the techniques of surface formation in the textile. Fabrics formed by connecting two yarn systems at right angles according to certain rules are called weaving. In weaving, warp threads are located parallel to each other in a certain number and side by side. Thre are many types of woven fabrics but Buckram, Cambric, Casement, Chiffon, Chintz.

Fabric Manufacturing

Kamer Fabric is the manufacture of knit fabric. We have enough experience at all knitting fabric especially jacquard, single jersey, three-ply fleece, and creating fancy fabrics. We can produce the right fabric exactly your order with different high quality and the best price. Also, we can offer our collections which might be compatible with your needs.

Thanks to our network we are working with big companies which are certificated knit and weaving manufacturers as well as dying plants. Your orders will be available for international healthy conditions. We have also business partners for woven and nonwoven fabrics for your shirt, suit, and different kinds of collections.

Fabric Supplier And Fabric Jobber

Producing all kinds of fabrics is not possible in the textile sector. So if our customer needs difficult fabrics or produces for us. We use our connection in order to satisfy your needs. Kamer Fabric has a strong and trustworthy business network in Turkey. We are also a fabric supplier and fabric jobber for your designs

and collections. So we have no doubt to provide your needed fabrics for your unique designs. Even if we are a boutique manufacturer, we can challenge too big companies with our price policy and service quality.

Private Label Clothes and Garment

Kamer Fabric has been manufacturing of private label clothes for 2 years. We have a wide range of unique collections for women, men, children, and babies. We can design and create your orders if you want. If you need smart solutions and consultancy we have enough knowledge for the textile sector. You may contact us for further information.


There are some steps to reach to final production. Design, fabric choice, pre-cutting, cutting, sewing and packing, and shipment. We are following the best and easiest way for the customers. When we start to work you may show us your design, fabric choice and all details or we can suggest and offer you from our collections. You will be able to choose either knit fabric or woven fabric. You will decide every detail of the clothes from the arms to labels.