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We are a Turkish textile company. The fabric was our main and first work subject when Kamer Fabric was founded. Our history reaches the beginning of 2007 but officially we have been working in the textile sector since 2012. Knitted fabrics are our specialty, especially we have huge different fancy knitted fabrics. We have good partners those who are manufacture of woven and non-woven fabrics so we are suppliers of those kinds of fabrics too …. read more

Kamer Fabric's Vission

Our Vision

Since our establishment, we are a textile manufacturing and supplier company with our wide product range from the yarn to fabric. Even if Kamer Fabric is a local Turkish textile company, we want to reach the ones who are working in the textile sector over the world. Till becoming one of the exemplary companies in the world, we will be still giving our all effort. Kamer Fabric aims to be a landmark firm.


Our Mission

Kamer Fabric was established as a fabric manufacturing company in 2012. Our service policy is always standing on your trust, satisfaction as well as long term relations. We are trying to increase our service capacity day by day without losing anything from our quality. Kamer Fabric is a company that collects to low prices and high quality at the same point.

Our Advantages

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KamerFabric FAQ

What procedures do you follow for the orders?

We have two different progress depending on your orders. If your order is fabric we follow less and faster steps. You share your preferences and needs, we make samples for you depending on the order it might takes 7-15 days. After that, when you confirm the samples, we start to mass production. According to amount of the fabrics we deliver the order as soon as possible.

Shortly For Fabric Order:

-Sampling within 2 weeks

-Starting to produce after your approval


If you are interested in private label products, we have more progress to reach the right product as you wish. After first meeting, clarify your needs and offering some samples. The clients fix some points or ask to change some detail then we make last production. After your approval mass production starts. Time in each step is changeable depending on the order features and amounts. We can sum up like below:

-Fabric Decision

-Sampling within 2 weeks

-Starting to produce after your approval



-Packing to sell


*Each step might be change depending on type of the garment and number of the order.

What is the payment plan you offer?

As Kamer Fabric, our first aim is satisfying our client’s needs. So we have never had a problem with our clients in terms of their payment. According to your order and delivery time of the goods, we might agree on different payment plans. We generally ask our clients to cash, CAD, L/c. Cash payment or long term deferred payment might be also negotiable. The most important thing is that both of  sides we and our client must be the happy end of the deal.

Can I cancel my order at any time?

Actually, we want to finish all deals that we have but if one of the sides wants to give up of course it is possible. For fabric or garments order you have a right to take your final decision till approving the last samples. If you pay the down payment, mass production is already started so you don’t have a right to cancel the order. It might be changed for some special orders but our general work policy is like mentioned.

Are VAT or other taxes calculated in the price?

VAT or other taxes are also so important to finalize your cost analysis. We are working with the client from different countries so including the taxes in our price would be difficult for us. We only offer the prices to our clients with price of shipment or without shipment. You may think, you get a price from us as FOB, CFR or CIF without taxes that your country or the customs charge you.

Why should I prefer Kamer Fabric?

We are manufacturing high-quality knitting fabrics for our customers. Currently, we are mostly making a business with domestic companies in Turkey but we are looking for international partners which is a reliable and good brand like yours to collaborate to open our products over the world. We have many business partners that are quite popular around the world such as LCW, De Facto, and Koton in Turkey.

We have enough experience and knowledge to compete in the fabric and garment sector. We can present high quality at cheaper prices in comparison to our competitors. So we have no doubt to provide your needed fabrics for your unique designs. Even if we are a boutique manufacturer, we can challenge too big companies with our price policy and service quality.

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