What is Seacell?

In response to the increasingly harmful effects of our environment and after years of intense research, smartfiber AG has succeeded in developing SeaCell™, a fiber made from renewable resources.

Fiber is produced exclusively from sustainable raw materials (wood and seaweed), using methods that save both energy and resources. The fiber is carbon neutral and completely biodegradable.

SeaCell Active fiber is a lyocell fiber combined with seaweed and silver. This fiber is derived from wood pulp and seaweed (algae), which stimulates metabolism by distributing its protective and anti-inflammatory properties to the skin. It’s like the clothes are alive, it is totally interesting. It contains microscopic particles of seaweed fiber that aid in cellular regeneration.

seacell fber

How to Seacell Produced?

SeaCell™ is produced using the Lyocell process, an innovative and environmentally friendly production method. Production takes place in a closed loop with no chemicals released as waste. This meets the expectations of our industry both today and in the future. This is one reason why the European Union received the 2000 European Environment Award procedure in the category of “sustainable development technology”.

In SeaCell Active fibers, unlike other antibacterial fibers, silver ions are not added to the fiber spinning solution, and silver is absorbed into the fibers treated with silver ion solution in an activation step after fiber spinning. Besides silver, zinc, copper and many other metal ions are also absorbed into the fiber. Impregnation tests with metal salt solutions have shown that SeaCell fibers exhibit excellent metal and/or metal ions absorbing behavior. It is assumed that the metals are bonded by the free carbonyl, carboxyl and hydroxyl groups of cellulose. The phenols in seaweed are also known to have the ability to sequester heavy metals.

Metal ions bind stably to the amorphous regions of the fibers. In general, even conventional wet processes in an alkaline environment do not affect the metal concentration attached to the SeaCell fiber. High-tech fibers are produced exclusively for smart fiber AG at the modern fiber production facilities in Lenzing AG in Austria. A highly specialized team of engineers and scientists oversees the production process in the field.

The patented process encapsulates the seaweed tightly within a natural cellulose fiber. As a result, the positive properties of seaweed are permanently retained within the fiber, even after multiple wash cycles.

Seacell Fiber Properties

SeaCell Active fiber, which is unlike standard lyocell fibers that have been proven to be able to develop bacteria, shows a strong antibacterial effect. The substance used for this purpose is silver and is used as an activating agent in the production of SeaCell Active fibers.

SeaCell Active fibers exhibit a strong antibacterial effect and all bacteria in the fiber are destroyed in as little as 2 hours. It has been observed that high-efficiency bacterial protection is provided in the blended fabrics. 14.2 86 TEXTILE and APPAREL 2/2006 It has been determined that the concentration of silver removed from the fibers is negligible, so the antibacterial effect provided is permanent. In addition to antibacterial activity, SeaCell active fibers also show fungicidal effects. In the researches, after an 8-day incubation period with lyocell and SeaCell Active fibers Aspergillus niger spore solution, an increase was observed in the fungal concentration in the Lyocell fibers, while a great decrease was observed in the SeaCell Active fibers.,

seacell fabric by Kamer Fabric

Seacell Fabrics

If you’re looking for an environmentally sound fiber that offers maximum comfort along with benefits for both mind and body, SeaCell™ is a natural choice.

The fiber is suitable for a wide variety of applications, from sports and fashion apparel to lingerie and undergarments and home textiles, and combines easily with other fibers.

It gives every fabric a soft, silky feel, with the comfort and care elements required by a generation with an active, health-conscious lifestyle.

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Seacell Fabric Properties

The unique properties of seaweed help protect our skin against the harmful environmental influences we are exposed to in our daily lives. Seaweed is pure and rich in essential substances such as vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and minerals.

The substances found in seaweed help activate cell regeneration, which in turn helps relieve skin diseases, reduce inflammation and relieve itching. High antioxidants protect the skin against harmful free factors that damage our skin cells.

The skin’s natural moisture level ensures an active exchange of these beneficial substances between the fiber and the skin, providing a noticeable sense of well-being.